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Wellness - massage & beauty treatments

Hot stone therapy
The warm stone massage (hot stone massage) is a form of massage with the help of heated stones, mostly made of basalt, which are placed on the body. The stones are heated in a water bath to a temperature of about 60 °C. The aim is to relax the muscles through heat. The hot stone massage is not only of Asian origin. It is transmitted from primeval times throughout the Asian, Pacific and American regions. In Germany, it is usually only advertised as being of Indian origin. In the USA it is claimed that the hot stone massage originated in Sweden, but this massage is largely unknown there. In fact, warm stone treatment has been developed independently in all continents. In Asia, the application of warm stones was already known before the settlement of the Polynesian countries, and the origin of this method is generally attributed to healing and shamanism.
Duration of treatment: 60 minutes, price: €60.00




Thalasso therapy uses the enormous potential of trace elements, vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids contained in seawater, sea salt, seaweed and sea mud. After a warm shower you will be spoiled with a full body massage. You can choose a skin-tightening oil or an aromatic oil.


Thalasso treatments not only provide moisture, they also ensure tight curves.


Duration of treatment: 90 minutes, price: €70.00

Pantai Luar


Massage technique from East Asia with hot herbal stamps. This hot spice and fruit stamp massage, which originally comes from East Asia, means "on new shores" in Indonesian and represents a special massage technique with thermophysical components. First, the moistened skin of the whole body is treated with aromatic, preheated oils rubbed in. After a short exposure time, a cloth filled with herbs, the so-called herbal stamp, is pulled over the skin with very rapid movements. After the stamp is turned and weighed on the skin with quick, flowing movements and light contact pressure, a deep heat treatment follows with more intensive pressure. In this way, tense muscles are released, tension is eliminated and toxins are eliminated. The immune system is strengthened and the herbs also have an effect on mental well-being.


Duration of treatment: 60 minutes, price: €70.00

Energy feeling - brush massage


A brush massage is pure wellness and health care at the same time. The small ritual relaxes, strengthens the immune system, alleviates chronic illnesses and works against cellulite. A regular brush massage has positive effects on the entire organism, either directly or reflexively via nerve connections and signaling substances. By gently stroking the skin, vascular-active substances such as histamine are increasingly formed, which stimulate the cardiovascular system.


Our beauty and wellness trainer will be happy to provide you with information about the treatment if you have any questions or information.

Duration of treatment: 90 minutes, price: €70.00

Exotic feeling


All around the world, people have developed wonderful care cultures, whose tradition and knowledge our modern world makes use of. Enjoy the feeling of fresh coconut, the pleasant scent enchants your senses. Valuable ingredients of coconut oil penetrate deep into the skin and refresh it.


Our beauty and wellness trainer will be happy to provide you with information about the treatment if you have any questions or information.


Duration of treatment: 55 minutes, price: €55.00

sweet temptation


The connection between a good mood and the pleasure of chocolate is easy to explain: the pleasure of chocolate increases the serotonin level in the brain. Serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone, has a relaxing and balancing effect, reduces stress, lifts the mood and makes you happy.


Enjoyment without regrets

Applying and massaging the chocolate on the skin causes the brain to produce serotonin, just like when you snack on chocolate, but with the difference that the chocolate is not metabolized, ie the calories don't matter at all. Isn't that wonderful?


Duration of treatment: 55 minutes, price: €55.00

Ayurvedic massage


The Ayurveda massage is based on the traditional Indian healing art of Ayurveda, which is around 5,000 years old. The term Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit and is composed of "Ayur" and "Veda", translated as "long life" and "eternal knowledge". In Ayurveda there are different massage techniques. The classic application of Ayurveda massage is the full body massage, the so-called Abhyanga. This term comes from Sanskrit and means something like "massage with oil". The use of a lot of fragrant, warm oil mixed with herbal extracts is the great feature of this massage. Ayurveda massages can be used preventively. However, they are also suitable for taking targeted action against various clinical pictures. In this way, physical and energetic disorders can be eliminated gently and comfortably. Muscles, tendons and ligaments are loosened, blockages are released on all levels. Better blood circulation in the skin ensures purification and detoxification. But not only the skin is positively influenced. The Ayurveda massage also has a stimulating and health-promoting effect on the deeper-lying organs such as the heart or lungs.

Upanahasveda oil massage


Upanahasveda is a very effective back treatment that includes a sophisticated back massage with integrated Marma treatment and sweat therapy. It includes an intensive massage with medicated special oils and herbal wraps, pastes and pads can be applied locally. These applications are particularly good for intervertebral disc regeneration, cervical spine, - thoracic spine, - and lumbar spine syndrome, degenerated or weak vertebrae, chronic pain, lumbago (lumbago) and deep-seated tension, cramps, blockages, especially in the shoulder, neck and cervical vertebrae area.


Duration 60 minutes, price €70.00

Abhyanga oil massage


The Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic full body massage with plenty of oil. It is characterized by stimulating and even strokes of the whole body.

The Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic massage treatment. It therefore comes from India, although its origin can no longer be traced exactly. The Abhyanga has been known for at least 1,500 years. She has already been mentioned in the Ashtanga Hridaya.


Duration 60 minutes, price €80.00

Lomi Lomi Nui


Lomi Lomi Nui, also called Lomi Lomi (Traditional Hawaiian Massage), is a form of massage that originated in Hawaii. In its original form, it is more similar to therapeutic bodywork than a massage and claims to treat not only the body but also the soul. A Lomi massage is not only used for relaxation, but also for physical, mental and spiritual cleansing. Close your eyes, forget everyday life and feel sensual strokes on your own skin. This massage should be able to do more than just a short island of deceleration.


Duration 60 minutes, price €70.00

Traditional wellness massage


Massage and wellness massage have been known for over 2000 years. Chinese, but also Egyptians and Persians used massage as a healing method very early on. Along with herbs and oils, it was used to relax and regenerate the gladiators. It is used for general relaxation of the body and better blood circulation in muscles and skin and relieves muscle hardening and tension. It can even relieve pain caused by hardening and tension in the muscles, often in the neck or shoulders. Heart rate and blood pressure drop. Stress hormones are reduced. A wellness massage therefore also has positive effects on the ability to concentrate, on healthy sleep, the metabolism and the nervous system.


Duration of treatment: 60 minutes, price: €55.00

Classic facial treatment


-skin type-appropriate treatment for a radiant skin-


The facial treatment begins with a skin analysis so that the beautician can tailor the pampering program perfectly to the needs of the skin.


Soothing head massage, cleansing, skin analysis, eyebrow correction, peeling, herbal steam bath, cleansing, relaxing face, neck and décolleté massage, mask, final care, light day make-up as desired


Duration of treatment: 55 minutes, price: €55.00

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