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Wellness - massage & beauty treatments - currently limited!

OurWellness offer in the apartment!
Treat yourself to a wellness holiday in our holiday apartment, relax from everyday stress!
Use our mobile wellness station directly in the apartment without leaving it. The well-trained beautician comes by appointment and treats you with the mobile station. When the weather is nice and the temperatures are right, you can also sit outside under the gazebo.
Wellness Ferienwohnung

Foot care - pedicure


Foot care, also known as a pedicure (from the Latin pes, pedis=the foot), essentially involves shortening the toenails and removing hard skin on the feet.


On the other hand, medical foot care or podiatry also includes direct treatment of the feet.


Treatment duration 45 minutes, price: €40.00

  • Relaxing wellness massages

  • Hot stone therapy

  • Thalasso program

  • Pantai Luar – herbal stamp massage

  • energy feeling

  • Exotic feeling

  • Sweet temptation - enjoy without regrets

  • Ayurveda traditional Indian healing art

  • Upanahasveda oil massage

  • Abhyanga oil massage

  • Lomi Lomi Nui massage

  • Tebetan honey massage

  • Singing bowl massage

  • Gem massage

  • Ayurvedic massage for children

  • Classic facial treatment


You can express your desired date before arrival or arrange an appointment during your stay in the apartment. All documents can be found in our welcome pack upon arrival.


If you have any questions or information, our beauty and wellness trainer will be happy to provide you with information about the treatment.

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